Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jockey sports bra and Purex Crystals; Giveaway

Giveaway of Jockey sports bra and Purex Crystals

In my last blog I told you I am trying to get into shape by fast pace walking every day.  There is one thing that you should have to be a good fast pace walker, a comfortable sport's bra.  I know we don't like to talk about our unmentionables, that why they are called unmentionables.  But ladies, lets be honest, we need some support.  Not having the right sport bra fit can be uncomfortable and can lead to serious back problems.  Not all Sport bras are created equal. So how do you know which sport bra to buy?  First you much find a brand that you can trust and one that has stood the test of time.
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Jockey has been a trusted brand for men, women and children for many years.  Now they have come out the a Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra.  There are many benefits to Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra.  One of it benefits is it has a moisture-wicking to helps keep you cool and dry.  It  also has a soft bottom band for comfortable support and a breathable mesh panel .  There is even a convenient key pocket, to hide your keys during your workouts.

Me, fast pace walking in my Jockey sports bra.
  I was selected to try Jockey®’s sports bra  Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra in black.  When I first tried it on, I thought it was a little to tight, but at least it kept everything in its place.  I would recommend make sure you order a size larger, they seem to run small.   Other than that, I cannot imagine running anywhere with out my Jockey Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra.  It soaked up all my sweat and left me feeling dry and cool.

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After you where your sports bra, you have to wash it, but washing it can be damaging to the fabric.   If you wash your sports bra in regular liquid softeners that use oils to soften it can harms the bra’s moisture wicking ability.  I use Purex Crystals, they are 92% natural crystals that infuse long-lasting freshness into the fabric fibers of clothing – without harming garments (like liquid softener products that use oils to soften).

Additionally, Purex Crystals work to create a continuous long-lasting freshness, eliminating that all-too-common odor that gets embedded in workout clothing.  I also love the smell of their new Purex Crystals tropical splash scent; it leaves my clothes smelling like tropical bliss for weeks .  Purex Crystals come with a measuring cup and you add the crystals directly to the drum at the begining of the cycle so you don't have to wait until you hear the rinse cycle (see direction).  It is so easy to do, Little Man can help me.

Now what you have been waiting for...
The Giveaway is for:

  • One Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra provided by Jockey®’s
  • One Full-sized bottle of Purex Crystals provided by Purex 

Here is how to enter:

  CLOSED on 01/26/2012 

The winner of this giveaway is Maura

You must enter this giveaway on my other blog:

 Disclosure:  JOCKEY and Purex have generously provided information and their terry sports bra and a bottle of Purex Tropical Splash as the prize.  However the opinions express on this blog are my own personal opinions.

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