Thursday, May 12, 2011

Let's get Physical

So today I tried to start working out.  I went on Netflicks and added a fitness video.   I put on my exercise clothes and my tennis shoes and pushed play.    The fitness video was a dance workout video.  I am so glad that no one was able to see me.  I had a lot of fat giggling around.  My 8 month old son was watching me make a fool of myself.  He kept getting in my way and I stepped on him a few time and had to stop to kiss his booboo.  The video was only 30 minuets but it was hard.  I had to take a small break and drink some water in the middle of it.  By the end of the video I was sweating and breathing hard.

The bad new is that I was so hungry that I pigged out on food that was not good for me and all those calories that I burned off came right back!   I really need to change my eating habits!

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