Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What happen to her, she used to look so cute!

I cannot take it any more. I was playing wii fit on the wii with my oldest son and my BMI says that I am on the border of being overweight and Obese.  Obese!  When did this happen.  I have been slowly gaining weight since my parents passed away.  But that is no excuses.  I now have an 8 month old and last week the scale said I gained 5 pounds.  Diets have never worked for me and I hate to exercise, but something has to change.

This is not a DIET.  It is going to be a change in my life.  I am going to have to eat differently, and add exercise to my life as well

I don't want to be a certian size or number, I just want my close to fit and to feel good about my self.  I need to take care of my children's mom, ME!

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